About Us

Young and Excellent Club (YEC) is a not-for-profit organisation created to inspire young people from less-privileged backgrounds to overcome their challenges, embrace excellence, develop leadership skills and become successful citizens, role models and leaders in their communities. Our members are students and young professionals passionate and committed to all-round excellence, leadership and community impact.


YEC was formed in 2003 by young people who were concerned with the plight of children and young people in their community in Awe, Oyo State in Nigeria. They came together to create a platform to provide inspiration, motivation and financial assistance to lift young people out of hopelessness and vices towards purpose, hope and excellence. Having emerged with a measure of success despite numerous challenges faced in local communities (extreme poverty, negative peer pressure, lack of role models, poor educational facilities, general state of hopelessness etc), YEC members are passionate about helping other young people succeed through role modelling, mentorship and various other initiatives.


Our Vision

Raising leaders through strategic conferences and mentoring opportunities and transforming communities through strategic and growth-focused projects.

Our Mision

Raising Leaders, Transforming communities.

Our Goals

Our short to mid-term goal is to inspire 100,000 young people to embrace excellence, develop leadership skills and make trackable positive impact in their communities across Africa by 2025.

Our Core Values

Overcoming Challenges.

We overcome the challenges constituting barriers to success in Africa through our strategic initiatives. Our short to mid-term goal is to inspire & empower 100,000 young people by the year 2025.

Embracing Excellence.

We embrace excellence, build a strong positive mindset, values and character required to achieve success in education, career, business and other life endeavours. 

Reshaping Communities.

We develop leadership skills focused on helping other young people within their communities overcome their challenges, achieve great success and become leaders.

Shaping Culture.

We shape the culture of individuals in Africa through our strategic core values. We strongly believe in and uphold Diligence, Integrity, Virtue, Excellence and Service (DIVES). 

Our Strategic Initiative

    • Inspiration, Motivation & Mentorship: Through our Young and Excellent Club, we motivate, inspire and mentor individuals from primary schools to secondary schools. For undergraduates and professionals, we leverage YEC’s Chart the Future as well as YEC’s Membership, Volunteering and Leadership Development. In addition to this, we hold a Young and Excellence Conference where we impart useful knowledge to the people.


    • Competition: We run games and competitions including spelling bees for primary school pupils as well as speech contest for secondary schools students.


    • Support & Empowerment: We support through scholarships for primary and secondary school students. We empower undergraduates and professionals through YEC scholarship, career mentorship, job search support, coaching as well as networking. 


Our Team

Damola Giwa
MD JumiaPay + Young & Excellent Club President.
Toyin Ogunmola
Chief Data Officer, StanbicIBTC Bank & YEC Vice President
DR. Agbolade Giwa
Director, Best Legacy Group of Schools, YEC Board of Trustees 
Eunice Tolu Olatunji
Mediator, Notary Public & Managing Partner at Hephzibah LP
Aanuoluwapo Giwa
Relationship Manager, Zenith Bank Plc & YEC Executive
Oluwayinka Ajasa
Customer Success Professional & YEC Financial Secretary
Oluyemi Adeosun
Head Employee Relations, Ikeja Electric & YEC Board Member
Oluwatosin Animasahun
Young & Excellent Club Program Officer
Ogunkunle Ayodele
Marketing Lead, Bumpa + YEC Executive Member
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