Rasing Leaders
Transforming Communities

Irrespective of their background,
we see greatness in every child waiting to be nurtured.

 20 Years of Impact

20, 000+ lives touched

10+ Initiatives

Our Mission

We inspire, mentor and support young people to overcome their challenges, embrace excellence and develop leadership skills, to Overcome the challenges constituting barriers to success in rural African communities, Embrace excellence, build strong positive character and mindset required to achieve personal success in education, career, business and other life endeavours and Develop leadership skills and community impact mindset focused on helping other young people overcome their challenges, achieve great success and become leaders who will carry the impact to the next generation.

What We Do

Our Profit

Our profit is a changed human being – a child that is inspired and motivated towards excellence, a youth that hates mediocrity and takes responsibility for his/her life and a community transformed by young leaders.


Do you want to grow in your career and life and want to help others do the same?
If YES is your answer, there is ample room for you.