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For Secondary School Students

Young and Excellent Conference (YEC)

This is YEC’s annual conference for young people (students in primary, secondary, tertiary institutions, young professionals and others). The conference is an educational, career, leadership and inspirational conference which has been held annually since 2003. Over the years, youths have been inspired to take up the challenge of becoming the best academically and in other areas of human endeavour. Many students who attended YEC have been challenged to reach out for their dreams despite their challenging background while serving as role models in their communities. Free meals and educational materials are served at all Young and Excellent Conferences. In 2021, YEC evolved into a hybrid conference with the digital and physical participation of students and professionals. 

YEC Leadership Club

A character moulding and leadership development club for children and teens in senior primary, junior secondary and senior secondary schools across Nigeria. 

Focus: Leadership development, positive attitude, academic excellence, goal setting, disciplined execution, career workshops, examination preparation, university admission, learning new skills, sex & relationship, peer pressure, etiquette, volunteering, community service etc.


Supporting themes: Fun activities, videos clips, virtual tours, talent shows, competitions, celebrity appearances, gamification etc.


Channels: Online: Zoom & WhatsApp every 2 weeks plus monthly physical meet up at each school. 

YEC-Speech Competition

The YEC Speech Competition is designed to help secondary school students develop their communication skills and self-confidence. It also builds leadership capability in students as they proffer solutions to national issues through their speeches. This is held annually and attracts many secondary schools in Oyo State. 

YEC Scholars

YEC Scholars is an educational support initiative of YEC with the aim of providing scholarships to brilliant but less privileged public-school students. This is in partnership with Best Legacy International Secondary School, Awe. The pupils are invited annually to participate in the Best Legacy entrance examination and the best pupils from public primary schools are granted full secondary school scholarships at Best Legacy.

YEC Mentorship

This is an educational and mentorship initiative for secondary school students. Selected students are assigned to a YEC mentor (an undergraduate or young professional) who serve as role models to them and provide necessary support and guidance towards excellence.  The students are also supported with free textbooks and other educational materials, as needed.

YEC Publications-The Highfliers

This is the free inspirational and educational publication of YEC with curated content addressing all issues that concern students and adult youths.

YEC Inter-School Competitions

YEC organises a series of inter-school competitions including, Essay writing, Board Games (Chess, Draft, Scrabble, Ayo-Opon etc), Table Tennis, Dance Competition etc. This is to help students develop their skills, unleash their creativity and build their self-confidence

For Primary School Pupils

YEC Spelling Bee Competition

YEC Spelling Bee tagged, Dr (Mrs) O.Y. Giwa Spelling Bee is designed with the objective of helping Primary School pupils improve their spelling skills and vocabularies while boosting their self-confidence. This is held annually in honour of Dr (Mrs) O.Y Giwa who has made remarkable contributions towards education in Oyo State over many decades.

YEC Children's Day Educational Initiative

This is the YEC annual giveback initiative that is focused on filling the huge gaps in primary education, especially in public primary schools. We provide educational material, teaching aids and other materials to primary school children in rural communities.

YEC Inter-School Competitions

TYEC organises a series of inter-school competitions including, Essay writing, Board Games (Chess, Draft, Scrabble, Ayo-Opon etc), Table Tennis, Dance Competition etc. This is to help students develop their skills, unleash their creativity and build their self-confidence.

For Young Adults

YEC Young Adults & Professionals

YEC Chart the Future: This is our career, employability, entrepreneurship and leadership conference for undergraduates, fresh graduates and young professionals. Chart the future equips young people with the necessary skills required for excellence in the 21st-century marketplace. We connect them to opportunities in the marketplace while also providing mentorship and guidance. They also develop leadership capability and a sense of meaning as they volunteer through YEC to help younger students in primary and secondary schools.


Theme: Career, Business, Leadership, Post-Grad education, International Opportunities etc 

Channels: Hybrid; Offline and Online.


Membership: Provide opportunities for volunteering and leadership development to young and excellent leaders who uphold the YEC values and are passionate about social impact. Members serve as YEC mentors, volunteers, Facilitators for the YEC Clubs and YEC events organising team members. They also join an elite network of excellent minded students and professionals for career, leadership and life mentorship and relationships.

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